ARNN Group is an also investment holding company with operations and investments covering Asia, Australia, America and Europe. The Group (including its subsidiaries and associated companies) is primarily involved in principal investment activities focused in Hospitality, Agro, Real Estate, property development and Management.

With several years of high-level investment experience, ARNN group has been hailed as one of the most influential names in investment.

Led by its President, ARNN utilizes the expertise of an elite team of multi-disciplined professionals to monitor and operate the global interests of the company.

ARNN has earned a reputation for both creative and strategic investment, uniquely focusing on its commitment to supporting “best of the best” enterprises around the world. The real strength of ARNN’s overall portfolio lays in its diversity, with interests across sectors. The Company uses detailed selection criteria based on minimum returns to maximize long-term returns for investors.

ARNN’s strategic priority is to identify optimal opportunities in which to invest and realize value from undervalued or underperforming assets nationally and internationally.

Admired for its specialist investment expertise, ARNN also operates a portfolio of hotels and consequently it has been recognized as one of the hotel investment companies.

As a company, ARNN values industry-leading innovation, commercial ambition, and seeking outstanding global opportunities.

ARNN’s investment strategy is guided by a number of fundamental investment principles:

To focus on core growth and to identify value-added industry sectors

To invest in high performance companies that own leading brands

To maintain a longer-term approach to investments

To extract value from undervalued or underperforming assets

To maximize unique expertise in global investment as well as his international network of high-value contacts

ARNN remains committed to operating to the very highest ethical and moral standards – a guiding principle that is extended to the Company’s ever-growing investment portfolio.

The Group, primarily involved in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, BVI, Seychelles, USA and the Switzerland.

The Group is active in more focusing in more countries & innovative sectors.