About us

ARNN Group stands as a distinguished private sector business conglomerate spanning multiple nations, including the United Arab Emirates, Montenegro, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. Established in 1996 by Dato’ Sri Mohammed Abdul Alim Chowdhury, the group’s journey has been marked by continual expansion and evolution. Today, ARNN Group commands recognition as a preeminent diversified conglomerate, boasting investments across a spectrum of industries on a global scale.
At its heart, ARNN Group is built upon pillars of innovation, trust, and quality. These fundamental values serve as guiding principles, permeating every facet of the group’s operations and manifesting in an unwavering commitment to excellence across all endeavors.
Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation, ARNN Group continually seeks opportunities to pioneer new approaches and technologies within its diverse portfolio of businesses. This innovative spirit fuels the group’s ability to adapt to evolving market dynamics, positioning it as a forward-thinking leader in each industry it operates.
Trust forms the bedrock of ARNN Group‘s relationships—with partners, stakeholders, and communities alike. Through transparent communication, ethical practices, and a steadfast dedication to fulfilling commitments, the group cultivates enduring trust that underpins its long-term success and sustainability.
Central to ARNN Group‘s ethos is a steadfast dedication to quality in all aspects of its operations. From product development and service delivery to customer engagement and beyond, a relentless pursuit of excellence drives the group to consistently exceed expectations and set new standards of quality within each industry it serves.
In essence, ARNN Group embodies a commitment to pushing boundaries, fostering trust, and delivering unparalleled quality—a commitment that propels it forward as a beacon of excellence in the global business landscape.